Monday, April 3, 2017

Is Jesus supposed to take the wheel?

I love that song by Carrie Underwood, Jesus, take the wheel.
The young mother has a life that is a bit out of control.  She is driving home and her car slips on ice.  And she sings, Jesus, take the wheel.

As a Christian, I have always loved that idea.  Jesus needs to lead my life.

But I was at a Men's conference at church this weekend.  The speaker, T.C. Stallings, asked the men if they thought that Jesus should take the wheel in our lives.  I raised my hand, yes.

He put 3 chairs on the stage.  The first two chairs were next to each other.  He said, so if you believe Jesus should take the wheel, you think Jesus is driving and you are in the passenger seat.  If that were the case, that would assume that Jesus is the one driving when you decide to sin.  He is the one taking you to the road to sin.
Should we allow Jesus to take the wheel?
Then T.C. showed us the other chair.  This chair represents the other car.  He said, Jesus is driving this car.  And you are following in the other car.  Jesus has equiped YOUR car with a GPS, the Holy Spirit.  He has also placed the old school map in the car, the Bible.

Our job is to follow Jesus.  He is leading.  But Jesus gave us free will.  We can follow... or decide to NOT follow.

So we start following Jesus.  We keep Him in front of us.  He turns right.  We turn right.  And the GPS (The Holy Spirit) says turn right.  Jesus turns left.  We turn left as the GPS tells us to turn left.  But then we come to a fork in the road.  Jesus goes left.  But we look right and it seems better.  So we go right.

The Holy Spirit says, go right.  Go right.  And then... recalculating...  The Holy Spirit is always trying to bring us back the Jesus.  All that we need to do is be willing to repent and turn back to Jesus.

So this is a great analogy.  Jesus has given us free will to do whatever we want.  We please him when we follow him with our free will.  Let's keep Jesus close!  Allow Jesus to lead.  Depend upon Him know the direction!

Thanks T.C. for helping me follow Jesus better!