Monday, March 27, 2017

If I could just explain!

I am reading the story found in Luke 24 of the followers of Jesus on the road to Emmaus.  During this walk, Jesus joins them after he had been crucified in his resurrected glorified body.  They didn't recognize him.  Jesus asked what they were talking about.  And they said they were discussing about the things that had happened to Jesus these past few days.  They asked him, how could anyone not have heard about these things?  They explained that this man Jesus, who they thought was the predicted messiah, had been killed.  And also, some of his followers found his body was gone from the tomb!

Jesus then explained to them all that had been written about himself in the scriptures (Old Testament) to us.

What an amazing lesson in the Bible... from Jesus himself!

I have listened to messages from pastors about what Jesus likely said.  Fascinating!  Exciting!  And definitely convincing that Jesus is our Messiah!

And as I read that passage, it makes me want to sit down with people who do not know Jesus and tell them... not in quick phrases, but in extensive investigations into the Old Testament.  I am just so convinced that if someone really had those passages and concepts explained, they too would want to follow this Jesus!

Any takers?

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