Monday, March 23, 2015

The Right Mindset for Successful Employment

Do you get paid what you deserve?  This is THE most difficult discussion I have with employees each year, compensation.  Honestly, as the boss, you can never win.  The employee always believes that they deserve MORE than I can reasonably offer to them.

Therefore, there is always this discontent.  At least one time per year during reviews.

Years ago I had an employee turn this conversation on its head.  It came after a very difficult salary negotiation.  Have you ever heard that during negotiations the first to speak losses?  Well, we were discussing the next year's salary on our drive out to a monthly meeting with our management team.  This 1 hour drive was completely silent.  Neither of us wanted to be the first to speak, and therefore lose the negotiation.

In the end he said something that is the perfect way to think as an employee.  He said, "You buy me for wholesale and sell me for retail." 

Your employer PAYS you at wholesale and the services you render for this employer is the retail price.  The difference between this wholesale price and the retail price is the profit the company makes on you.  The more you provide value to the company, the more you make because the company keeps becoming more profitable on your work.

I believe this to be true.  Therefore, the only way for an employee to make more money is to be more valuable to your employer, that is increase the retail price.  If your retail price continues to rise, you will get a raise or you will become so valuable some other company will pay you much more to join their firm.

So as an employee, you need to have the mindset that you have to continue to raise your retail price by providing more value to your firm.  How can you do that?  If you are in sales, it is obvious that you need to make more sales and more profitable sales.  If you are administrative, you need to find ways to do more work in less time, increase your efficiency.  If you are in management, your group needs to find ways to accomplish more with fewer man hours. 

This takes creative thinking all the time.  It means thinking about how and why you do each task.  Are you doing something that doesn't need to be done at all?  Are you doing something that if you took a class you could do it quicker with technology?

That is how you increase your retail price... and therefore increase your pay. 

Long term, it is NOT about negotiating a better salary!

Think of many of the Unions in our country.  They have served an amazing purpose for millions of Americans, my Father-In-Law was part of a Union for 40 years.  But in many Unions, the Union bosses negotiated such great deals for the employees, the company was not competitive.  Therefore, many contracts had to be renegotiated to the workers detriment.  This is an extreme example.

But consider this the next time you ask for a raise...

Monday, March 16, 2015

Command: Find Enjoyment in your Work

How many times have you heard the phrase "Enjoy your work and your never work a day in your life?"  We use this when talking to young people predominantly.  We are telling them, find a job that you LOVE, then you will have a fun and fantastic career.

The only problem with that is that work is often NOT fun.  In fact, work is often... work.  It is hard.  It is filled with pressure.  It is filled with dealing with sometimes impossible expectations.  And it is filled with long hours and uncertain results.

At a recent breakfast meeting of business leaders, Jonathan Rourke, a Pastor in San Diego challenged us from the words of Solomon.  Ecclesiastes 2:24-25 tells us to "find enjoyment in your it is from the hand of God."  Yes, a command to enjoy your work!  Oftentimes, we turn this on its head and say, find work you enjoy.

Finding work you enjoy is a lot of pressure.  How will you know what your job will really entail?  How will you know if the company is going to be going in the right direction?  You won't.

So hear the commandment from Solomon, the wisest man ever to live.  We have to enjoy our work... whether we have a bad boss, fulfilling work,  or difficult co-workers.
Mirabella team.  Yes, I'm the ONLY guy!

But HOW?

Jonathan challenged us to:
  • Repent-- we should ask forgiveness to our co-workers, boss or spouse about having a bad attitude.  Humble ourselves.  Realize this is EXACTLY where God has you RIGHT NOW!  So you must CHOOSE JOY!
  • Relationships-- perhaps you are here not for your OWN enjoyment, but you are there to encourage others!  Remember, it is not about US.
  • Redemption-- our job at work is to make order out of chaos.  That in itself should be fulfilling.  A job well done.  A job you have given your all to.
Often you hear people say that work is a curse from God.  But that is NOT true.  God had Adam and Eve in the garden assigned to care for the garden.  Care means work!

So, go have FUN at work.  Enjoy the journey of work.  Challenge yourself to do it to the best of your ability to make God proud.  

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Perfect Cancellation Policy

New York restaurants now have a new way to control no shows.  They are donating all last minute fees they receive from cancellations and no shows to The Robin Hood Foundation, an organization that is fighting poverty in NYC.

What a great idea!  How can patrons get upset about that?  Are they going to get mad at the restaurant?  Not anymore!  It is a clever way to handle a tough situation.

I spend my time in the salon industry.  Salons have this exact same problem.  But the stylists and owners have such amazing relationships with their customers, they don't want to punish them for disrupting the salons appointment scheduling.

But now they can do something proactively to solve a problem and help the industry!

There is a charity that does great work in the salon industry called The Beauty Bus.  Beauty Bus passionately believes that even in the face of life threatening and chronic illness, men, women and children, and their caregivers, deserve dignity, hope and respite through grooming and beauty services and pampering products.  

Salons, please do something for yourselves!!!  Initiate a charge for no shows or last minute cancellations.  Donate 100% of that money to those stylists in need through the great not for profit, The Beauty Bus!