Monday, January 5, 2015

Forgetful and 50

My wife and I were watching an older romantic comedy on TV the other night.  At the end of the movie, Judy looks at me and smiles saying "Do you remember that movie?"

"No" I say. 

She says, "We saw that movie when it came out!"

Hmm, I guess I am getting a bit forgetful.  All of us are.  One of my kids was relating a story from childhood.  But honestly, he doesn't likely remember the events, but the retelling of the story has kept it fresh in his mind.

As a Christian, I need a reminder too.  That is why I go to church every week.  I need to be reminded what I believe.  I need to be reminded how I am to live my life.  I need to be reminded what Jesus did for me.

But I am forgetful.  I need those reminders daily.  So that is why every morning I read my Bible and pray to God.  I need to be reminded of God's great promises, His story.  And by praying, I am reminded that I cannot do this life on my own.  I need His help, guidance, and blessing in my life.

Are you forgetful?  Try following this advice!