Monday, December 16, 2013

Contentment verses Competition

As a Christian, we are to be content with the circumstances that God has you in.  But we strive for more and more.  Is that OK?

I am a very competitive person.  I love to win.

So how do you balance these two realities?  Can I still be content in what situations that God has me in and still be striving for more, being competitive?

Yes!  Throughout Proverbs, it teaches many times to NOT be lazy.  There are many passages that talk about the rewards for those who work hard.

So you work hard, striving to do your best, but you cannot pay your mortgage?  You are giving your all to make your business successful, but you are behind where you were last year.

It is very hard to be content with this circumstance.  I would rather be content and successful!  But sometimes, God doesn't have that for us.  Sometimes we need to learn to be content in the failures of life.  We need to be OK with the fact that your best was NOT good enough.

God could be teaching me something about dependence.  Perhaps all my hard work will only get me so far.  Without HIS blessing, without HIS hand of you; all of our striving will be for naught. 

Keep striving for your dreams!

But be content in the circumstances you find yourself!