Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why Private Label is NOT the Answer for Makeup in Your Salon

Salon and Spa owners are busy.  Their list of duties is huge.  They need to:
  • train and lead a team of people
  • market and develop their salon and its offerings
  • handle the financials of the salon including payroll and bill paying
  • educate themselves about all the newest things in the industry
  • hire great people (this is a full time job!)
And this is assuming the owner doesn't do services themselves!

The idea of having your own brand is exciting.  The margins are better.  There are private label manufacturers who do much of the work.

But to develop a brand that your CLIENTS think is AMAZING is a full time job.  In fact, it is more than that.  At Mirabella, we employ a person to manage our social media.  When your customer looks at your brand, they want to know if it has credibility.  If it is JUST your salon, it will lack that social media credibility.

We have a team of people who do product development.  We are constantly surveying the industry for what is hot, interesting, revolutionary.  Then bringing one of these ideas to market takes time and money.

We have a team of people who market our brand.  Whether it is signage, photo shoots for new images, PR, or displays; all this takes time and money.

What generally happens with salons that attempt private label is they make the initial order.  Then they are completely on their own to make the brand work in their salon.

Still due to the adrenaline of starting their own brand, it might actually get a good start.

Mirabella Graphic Girl Collection
But 3 months later, who is going to think of the next innovative thing?  Is there someone you can call on to show you how to do it?

In hair care, private label was a big deal for salons 20 years ago.  But the owners learned they are better off concentrating on their business.  And let others focus on building brands.

But for some reason, salons and spas are still falling for this. 

Mirabella Tester Unit
Save yourself the heart ache, if your going to get into makeup use an established brand that will do all the work of brand building for you.  This will give you time to make your business AMAZING!

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  1. You maybe correct, but there are some private label suppliers that provide excellent products. The hard part is finding them. There are some companies like Audrey Morris Cosmetics (www.audreymorriscosmetics.com) have gone out of their way to make their products safe and affordable. Also offering better options for skin care helps as well. Thanks for writing this article to keep the industry on it toes.