Monday, January 7, 2013

Two Keys To A Great Makeup Business

What must a salon do to grow their makeup sales?

Mirabella has two crucial key steps for salons and spas to be successful!  First, the salon must LOOK like they are in the makeup business.  Second, the salon has to have a process in place to consistently sell makeup.

For that average salon or spa, 80% of their clients are women. 100% of those woman wear makeup!  Salons have a large captive audience.  Women spend as much money on color cosmetics every year as they do on hair care products.

So how does a salon LOOK like they are in the makeup business?
  1. Keep the Mirabella tester unit looking beautiful.  Every morning the person who makes the coffee for the salon must do a quick cleaning up of the unit.  Make sure YOU would use the testers to do YOUR makeup.  Are the lipsticks halfway up the tube?  Is the unit free of any loose makeup or dust?  Are the brushes clean?  Are all the testers ON the unit?  (Mirabella offers tester replacements for 40% off!)
  2. Keep the unit up front in the retail area of the salon.  Ideally we would love it to be displayed on a Mirabella Table.  Too many salons put the tester unit back in the salon on a station.  It looks like makeup is an afterthought.  Where do department stores put makeup?  They take the very most valuable selling space, the front, to display makeup.  Salons MUST do the same.
  3. Next to the makeup unit up front in the retail area, put a makeup chair.  It then LOOKS like you do makeup touch ups.  Hopefully you do!  But if not, psychologically, women feel you are!  And that is where they want to buy their makeup.  And YES we do have a Mirabella makeup chair for sale! 
 So, now you have set your salon up to win.  The clients KNOW you are in the makeup business.  They feel comfortable considering buying makeup.

And that is half the battle.

Then, the salon has to have a PROCESS to actually sell makeup.  Our top salons and spas have 3 steps they follow to create great success.

  1. The first step is the staff.  They need to WEAR Mirabella.  If they personally believe in the line, it will speak volumes to the clients.  I was at a major salon chain discussing Mirabella with them.  They currently use a private label brand.  The chain said that none of the 29 makeup artists in the salons USE their makeup because of the lesser quality.  It is no surprise they are not having the kind of success they deserve.
  2. After each salon or spa service, the service provider must give the client a Mirabella minute!  It is as simple as putting on Pure Press Mineral Powder, Blush! Colour Duo, and Colour Luxe Lip Gloss.  This quick application will make the client feel beautiful after having their service.  (In fact, clients will not leave the service area until they have reapplied their own makeup!  Woman feel naked if they are not touched up.)  Salons that do this Mirabella Minute sell makeup!  But equally as important, these salons have a higher retention of clients because of this extra service they offer.
  3. And finally, the salon must do 4 events per year.  Each season dream up a new fun way to engage your clients.  Perhaps you will do a Mother/Daughter event or a Monday Night Football Widows Party.  It doesn't matter.  Schedule it a couple months in advance.  Get a sign-up sheet to each stylist.  Book 30 minute complimentary makeup applications.  After the application is done, ask the guest which of the products they would like to take home.  Expect GREAT sales and new repeat makeup buyers into your salon!  But more importantly, new energy from the whole salon about makeup.  It is easy to get excited, but work to KEEP people excited.  For a full description of a great makeup event click here.
If you will make your salon LOOK like a makeup center and if you will have the PROCESS in place, your salon will sell a lot of makeup!

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  1. Mirabella has two crucial key steps for salons and spas to be successful! First, the salon must LOOK like they are in the makeup business. Second, the salon has to have a process in place to consistently sell makeup. business