Monday, January 7, 2013

Steps to a Successful Makeup Event

Mirabella knows that salons and spas can be wildly successful selling makeup!  They just need to follow the 3 keys to success.
  1. Each staff member must WEAR Mirabella.
  2. Each guest is touched with Mirabella at the conclusion of every service.
  3. The salon or spa must conduct 4 events per year.
The first two are self-explanatory.   Holding events is new for many salons.  The following is a step-by-step outline of conducting a successful event.

3 Months in advance:
  • Determine the type of event
    • 2-4 hours of 30 minute makeup applications.
    • A makeup trend report while doing a few of the guests touch ups.
    • 3-4 makeup stations that clients can flow between (Lips, Eyes, Face stations; light, medium, dark complexions; Skin care, makeup, hair stations; Massage, facial, makeup stations; etc).
    • Get creative!
  • Schedule the date and inform your whole team.  Assign everyone jobs for that day; either makeup artistry, selling, ringing up in computer, making guests comfortable when they arrive and get food/drink.
  • Schedule a Mirabella team member if needed (you can use PERKS reward, 2500 points or pay the makeup artists directly, approximately $150 for a half-day).
  • Determine the theme of the event (The benefits of Mineral Makeup, Spring, Mother/Daughter, Aging Skin, Smoky Eyes, Girls Night Out, etc.).
  • Outline the promotions that will be offered (everybody likes something free or an incentive to buy big).
  • Plan the food, drink (nothing extravagant needed).  If you have a local microbrewery or winery, they generally would love to support an event like this.
  • Order any special items from Mirabella Beauty like Fitzpatrick Tests, Face Charts, Colour Catalogs, or Mini products.  Also order any testers at 40% off so the unit will look GREAT for that night.  Do the makeup artists/estheticians have a Mirabella apron?
  • Set a sales goal!!! This is a missing link.  Everyone needs to know how many people you want to get and how much you would like to sell that day!  A reasonable goal is $100 per guest.
  • Have a sign made promoting the event in-salon.
  • Plan where in the salon is best.  Ideally, there is an area for food different where the services will be conducted or the class will be held.  That makes a nice comfortable area for people to mingle and enjoy the salon environment.
6 weeks in advance:
  • Create signup sheet for guests including email address and phone.
  • Do an e-blast to your client, add to your webpage, put on Facebook, make a sign for each service area including the bathroom and reception area,  tell your local paper and radio station, add to your neighborhood events calendar.
  • Bring up at the monthly staff meeting to keep up the motivation.
  • Place an order to make sure you have the product that you plan to sell that day.  If your goal is $100 per guest and you have 20 guests coming, make certain you have plenty of your best sellers like Pure Press 2, 3, and 4; Essential Lash Mascara, Magic Marker Eye Liner,  Skin Tint Creme 2N, 3N, and 3W; Smoke Eye Definer; Prime for Face and Eyes; Conceal 2; plus your teams favorite colors!  Involve them!  And don't forget brushes, they sell well when used!
2 weeks in advance:
  • Do a last push with your team to push sign ups!
  • Reconfirm with your makeup artists on any last minute needs.
  • Re-post event just as you did at the 6 week mark.
  • Confirm the inventory.  Place a last minute order for anything you may have sold.  Sales go up in advance of these events because you are calling attention to Mirabella.
  • Reconfirm with any other vendors attending. 
Day before/Day of event:
  • Reconfirm each guest.
  • Purchase food/drink plus glasses, napkins and plates.
  • Clean (especially the Mirabella Tester Unit)!
  • Arrange the salon for the event.
  • Reconfirm the goal!  Reconfirm everyone's job.  
  • Play nice, fun music.
  • Do beautiful services.  Sell!!!
  • Celebrate!
  • Plan next event!
  • Reorder products!
  • Fulfill orders of back ordered products to guests.
  • Post photos on Facebook at your own page and Mirabella's.  
  • Write a press release to give to local paper, magazines with photos.
  • Buy something nice for yourself from the profits!
Events are great to build team work within the salon, engage your client base with what's new, give a reason to have a party for your guests, and do something newsworthy!

So, when is your next event?!


  1. It’s hard to find knowledgeable <
    event staffing but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks for sharing this with others.

  2. Great way to make the event a success. I am surely going to try it.