Monday, February 27, 2012

Selling color cosmetics- with creativity!

Testing open sell concept at trade shows
It is all about people.  You cannot do anything great without people.  We are coming up with a new Open Sell unit.  It is beautiful, functional.  We really think it is going to help more people get exposed to Mirabella.  But, if every day someone doesn't touch the product to keep it looking great, it will lose its luster very quickly.

We teach that you need to touch every client every day.  But so often times, the owners cannot convince the staff of the importance of each client getting a complete beauty look.

Here is another way to make color cosmetics a big part of your salon!

There are a lot of people who are make up artists.  Put an ad on Craigslist.  (This is the #1 way to find people for jobs like this.)  Hire someone for your busiest times.  Pay the make up artist minimum wage.  But offer them commission!  If they sell $75 per hour, they get 10% commission for anything they sell.

Mirabella offers lots of videos on YouTube to get them familiar with the brand.  Additionally, they can read our materials to make sure they are experts.

Set the expectations high!  If after a week, your make up artist cannot sell, find someone who can!  Every person from the cosmetic counters know what it is like to work on commission.  They know what it is like to have to keep track of sales per hour.

As your clients leave the chair, the make up artist asks if she can touch up their make up.  Ten minutes later the client is walking out of the salon with $150 in make up

If you have a make up artist in on your busiest days, perhaps 8 days per month it would cost you less than $500.  But if they can sell, you can easily sell $3,000 in make up per month!  They make $800, you make an extra $700.

Try it!

Friday, February 24, 2012

How to get noticed...

The hardest thing to do is to get noticed.  There are 5 billion people on this earth! 

The way we get noticed when trying to find a job is our resume.  As an employer, when you get resumes in, you are really just trying to eliminate the obvious bad candidates first.  I try to find the candidates that are simply NOT qualified.  For example, we use Linked In to post for jobs (This is THE job site now).  Each time, I will get at least 50 resumes.  At least one of them will come from Asia from a person that doesn't have any cosmetics experience and lives abroad.  That is a quick NO.

I stack them in 3 stacks; No, Maybe, and Yes.

Going from Maybe to Yes requires a good targeted resume and cover letter.  Do you include my companies name on your letter or is it generic?  Do you include my name?  Surprisingly, there are a fair amount of resumes that don't have a home address.  I need to know where you live to know if you are in the territory!

Those are obvious things to consider.  The things that are more subtle are the body of the resume.  With each job experience, don't write what you did.  Write what you accomplished.  I don't care that you maintained customer relations.  I want to know did you increase sales.  If so, how much?  Did you open new customers?  How many?

If you are not in sales, did you change policies and procedures to make your company better?  Where you considered a top performer? 

You need to sound like you are worth me calling you for an interview. 

If you cannot write things like this on your resume, I assume your last job was a JOB (you were Just anOther Body).  I want people that consider their work a career in which they are constantly learning new skills.  They are trying everyday to make their company better, more efficient.

If you look at your current work like that, you will indeed have interesting things to put on your resume.

And finally, become important in an industry.  If each job is starting over with a new industry, you are probably not going to be able to bring me anything new.  At least that is what I am thinking as I am reading your resume.  Therefore, you need to make sure you speak to that.  I am valuable because I have this great breath of experience from these different industries.  I can bring important insights from other industries that can help make your company better!

Have you hopped around?  You have 5 jobs in 5 years?  If that is the case, you better come up with a great story on why you will stay with me for 5 years.  You have to show me consistency in some other part of your life.  You have to demonstrate you know how to be committed, to stick it out even in tough circumstances!

I am busy.  Don't make your resume 2 pages please.  I don't need to know everything, just tease me enough to make me want to call you for an interview. 

I probably don't care about your hobbies, unless they some how related to how you are going to make this a better company.

OK, you sent the resume.  Should you follow up?  If you are clever enough to get to me, I probably won't hold it against you.  But DON'T stalk me! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#1 skill needed for success?

People's two biggest fears are being in a fire and... Public speaking!

I cannot say anything about the fear of being in a fire, but I do have quite a bit to say about communication.

It doesn't matter what your chosen occupation is, people that are the most successful within the field are those that can effectively, persuasively, passionately communicate a message.

There was a study done at hospitals about doctors. Doctors make mistakes. And when those mistakes cause harm, people sue. A huge percentages of the people who had a doctor make a harmful mistake and sued were for doctors who had poor bedside manner. These doctors were short with their patients. They were rude. They were know it alls.

Statistically doctors who were better more honest communicators didn't get sued. Those with a better bedside manner had a lower chance of being hailed into court.

And the same could be said for lawyers, policeman, teachers, and pastors. Those that are good communicators are more effective therefore more successful.

And realize communication is not public speaking. Communication is how we let others understand what we are trying to say. This is as important for moms and parents as business people.

Let's start with verbal communication. Only 20% of the message is actually communicated through your words. So much of communication is your body language and your tone. Are you looking people in the eye? This is such an important step. If you cannot look someone in the eye they naturally don't believe why you are saying. How is your posture? Are your arms folded or open? A closed posture is not as inviting, as open. This will naturally have people not accept the message.

How about touch? Are you a hugger? If not I would not recommend forcing that. But how about a good firm handshake? Whether you are shaking a man or woman's hand the shake should be the same. I teach this to little kids all the time. The Y of the thumb and then grip the hand. Don't try to hurt them, just make it tight. Want to make a greater impression use your left hand as well. And look into their eyes with a smile.

Ok, great first impression started.

Speak clearly, confidently. Someone who speaks too softly cannot be properly heard. Someone who talks to quickly will jumble words together. Take your time. Communicate what you want.

I love pauses. Pauses are powerful. It makes people stand up and take notice. It makes them leave their little mind vacation and come back to you. Therefore when you pause, make it a meaningful pause. I am talking 10 seconds. Amazing what an impression a properly place pause can be.

Ok that is a lot. More to come as this is one of my favorite subjects!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Leading... patiently

Slinky Dog
Did you ever watch those Toy Story movies?  Remember the slinky dog?  When you put his front, his back end comes... eventually.  The challenge is that by the time you begin moving the front end in a different direction, the back end is still moving in the direction of the last change.

No big deal if you are a little kid, playing with one of your toys on the floor at home.

But instead think of that slink dog as an organization.  You are the leader of the organization, so you have the string in your hand.

With this string you can lead the head of the dog anywhere you want it to go.  It is bound to follow you.

When I started out as a leader, I was so excited with change!  I would read this new book and take some of those ideas and put them to work.  The next week, I would go to a seminar and learn something else that I thought was great for our company.

After doing this for my first year, I noticed that we really never got anywhere.  While I was learning all these new ideas, my organization was on the other end of the spring.  They were still moving in yesterday's direction... yesterday's great idea.  Besides the fact that we weren't making any progress, I was frustrating everyone.

As I said, the ideas were pretty good that I was trying to implement.  The challenge in any organization you have people on the other side of that spring.  It could be clients that you are trying to convince of your newest product or message.  You cannot move on to the next new product until everyone is using and understanding this one.

John Paul and Paul Mitchell
It reminds me of John Paul DeJoria, Paul Mitchell's founder.  When he and his partner Paul Mitchell started Paul Mitchell, they said the same thing at every educational event, every ad, every sales meeting.  They did this for YEARS.  As we were sitting in a sales meeting, we could mouth the words that John Paul would say.  He would  say "hold The Conditioner in your hand, put a dab on the clients hand.  Smell it, then have them smell it...."  He would say the same pitch every single meeting.

It is no surprise to me that Paul Mitchell is the amazing brand that it is today.  They pulled that string in the same direction for years.

I need to keep saying this to myself.  I love change.  I love moving in new directions.  But I have to stay patient and stay on the same path long enough for everyone to get on my path!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Library at your fingertips

Our town is building a library.  We are spending $25 MM on a beautiful 4 story facility for our town.  The architecture is beautiful.  It is going to make a great impact on this part of our city that they are trying to revitalize.

My kids keep asking the same question... why are they building a library?  With their smart phones, they have more information available to them then that library. 

It is truly amazing what is available on the web.  You want to start a new business? 
  • watch videos from experts
  • read stories from successful entrepreneurs
  • check out the government sections to make sure you are following all the registrations
Mirabella is a make up sold in salons and spas around the world.  One of the top reasons salons and spas carry make up is NOT to retail it.  It is to handle the wedding parties that come into the salon before the big event.  So in the 1,400 salons and spas we are sold in, we are used mostly for brides.

So we have decided to make 2012 the year of Mirabella Bride.  We are already experts!  But we wanted to make sure that we covered all the basis.
  • Did you know that $80 B is spent on weddings each year?
  • Did you know that 2.2 MM weddings happen in the US every year?
  • Did you know that $357 is spent in salons for each wedding?
How did I know this?  I check my facts, on line! 

It is amazing what we can learn if we just let our fingers do the walking... on the web.

It almost feels unfair!  You want to do something, there is so much available to you to help you succeed... your odds of success are greatly enhanced.  Of course, you have to first seek the information.  Then you have to actually put the information to work!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cool field trip

Recently, I was back at my Alma Mater, Indiana University with some old friends.  One of my friends, James Rose (we just called him Jim... I guess he grew up) told me he worked for a company called Charming Charlies.

"Never heard of it" we all said.  "It is a woman's clothing and accessory store," he says.  "Jim, you work at a woman's clothing store?" we asked, shocked! 

He then very passionately told us about this amazing company that started by a young guy in Texas.  He had gotten an MBA, then designed this concept.  He tested a store, then another.  So in the first several years, he had only opened a handful.

Today, Charming Charlies has over a hundred stores and growing like a weed.  The owner is getting noticed and is getting a bunch of awards in how he is doing things.

So, I had to check it out.  First thing, the sign out front is very understated, a small tasteful logo. 
You walk into the store to basic store fixtures throughout a large store format.  It was interesting in that the store is laid out by color.  Not that you would know this, you just see it.  There is NO signs in the store.  As you move throughout the store you notice different areas that are tastefully done, well merchandised, with easy to put together looks for woman.  It is all moderately priced.

Every time they get new stock into the stores, it is an exciting time as it will only be received in once.  Then, when it is gone, they will get the next cool item in.  My wife tells me this is not that new a concept.

But my friend said, the magic is the people.  The manager is paid $30 k.  But they can make VERY good money because they are paid 1% of sales.  If they build a $2,000,000 store, they get a $20,000 bonus!  So they have huge motivation to hire fantastic people.  They have huge motivation to build incredible relationships with clients.   To ask clients to refer friends is expected.

It is all about the long-term.  If they can build their store over the years to be huge, they make huge money!

Balance that against every other retailer.  They pay the manager a moderate salary, let's say $40 k.  Plus they offer a bonus of 10-15% of their base pay to hit sales goal against their budget.  If they miss their budget, they don't get a bonus.  It is generally much more short term, quarterly thinking.  I used to do it this way as well!

Their tag line is "Fun, friendly, and fabulous." 

I like it!!!  Well done Charlie!