Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Answering your phone... with passion!

OK todays pet peeve... answering your phone!

We are interviewing candidates for a position at Mirabella.  We called one of them on their cell.  They answered, but were obviously asleep or completely distracted.

When you answer your phone, put a smile on your face, and say "Hello."  Personally, I say "Hello this is John Maly."  I think it sounds more professional.  (And I know that I have called people in the past and forgotten who I was calling!?  Sounds lame, but I know I am not alone.)

You are making an impression when you answer your phone.  Do you really want to have the impression that you are in a bad mood or angry?  I swear, that is how half the people I call sound.  And these are my friends!  Hmm, let's see... they see my number and answer like that... maybe the problem is me ;)

If you cannot answer your phone with a smile, let it go to voicemail.  That is so much better than answering your phone with no excitement.

You will accomplish more with people if you start off positive!

OK, I am going to call you now... humor me... answer with PASSION!

Hello this is John Maly

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amazing thing I learned today!

We have an opening in the Southeast.  So I am in the process of interviewing with a candidate today. 

This person has been in the salon business their whole life.  As a stylist, she said, "I am not the best stylist in my salon.  I am not the best make up artist.  But I am the busiest."  The difference for her is that she does all the little things that most stylists don't do.

When she started, she made cards offering $20 off a salon service.  Everywhere she went she would develop a conversation with people she thought would be ideal clients for herself.  Quickly, she built a clientele.

When she joined Mirabella as an educator, she was taught to do a Mirabella Minute makeover on every client.  Yesterday, she had 15 clients in the salon.  Fifteen clients got the makeover! 

If the Doctor told you, Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away, would you eat it? 

That is what I mean.  Are you willing to do the things each day that you know will get you where you want to go?

Most of us know what to do.  The problem is... we don't do it. 

Perhaps it is attitude, we know we should keep a smile on our face, treat others like we want to be treated.  But some of us are inconsistent. 

Perhaps it is administrative, like planning.  We know that we will do better if we spend the time in advance to work out the details of our upcoming week, month or year.  But we end up spending time on our urgent activities of the day like email, voicemail, meetings; but those things are not going to get us where we want to go!

My friend John Paul DeJoria (owner of Paul Mitchell) always say "Successful people do all the things unsuccessful people don't want to do."  He is so right!

Thinking about having more wins in 2012?  Be consistent!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Building a brand... the beginning

Mirabella Beauty is 10 years old.  We have a lot of people who love our brand; hair stylists, make up artists, and consumers.  How did that happen?

First, Christy, our founder, set the foundation (no pun intended) by creating incredible formulas.  And she put it in a high end package.  She had spent years at other brands, so everything she attempted to do, including sales meetings for her small team were thought thru to the minutest detail.  Everything had to be perfect.  And she infected Amber, our Creative Director with that same intensity.

But is that it?

Well that is a great start!  But now a days, brands make impressions in so many ways.  Sure it is on shelf at a retailer still.  But the customers interact with the brand in so many other ways prior to actually making a purchase.  They call these interactions the Zero Moment of Truth.

Traditional marketing would tell you that you stimulate the consumer somehow; advertising, samples, etc.  Then the client buys the product, which marketers call the First Moment of Truth.  Then the person brings the product home and tries it, the Second Moment of Truth.

Obviously, all those are still important.  The big difference today is that we all do a lot more information gathering before we actually make that purchase.  This is crazy, but on average we use 5 sources prior to making a decision last year.  And this year, we check 10 sources! 

Sure, word of mouth is still important.  You see a sign for a new restaurant opening.  You then ask a friend if they have heard about it.  They say, "Yes, my neighbor went there and said it was great."

Now multiply that by 1,000,000!  I hear that from my neighbor, then I go on Yelp and see what others are saying.  Then I look at the restaurants website, what do they serve, what are the prices, are there any specials.  Perhaps I type in reviews after the restaurants name on google.  What do these people say?

The Zero Moment of Truth.  Building a brand today includes thinking about all of those things.

So for Mirabella, I did that.  There is a website called Total Beauty that does all the beauty reviews.  We don't have but 3 products that are even on the site?!  We have to get to work!  Those are Zero Moments of Truth I am missing.

How about Facebook?  At the beginning of the year, Mirabella had 700 fans.  I was talking to a perspective salon who commented to me, my salon have 1,100 fans.  It was obvious that because we didn't have very many fans, we were not that important in her eyes.  Today we have 16,000 fans.  Not great, but becoming legitimate for a small brand.
How about YouTube?  Same thing, if you have a channel and 10 people have watched your video, not very impressive.  We went to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC with Kandee Johnson.  We were doing the make up for Anne Bowen and Ivana Helsinki.  Kandee, a YouTube celebrity already agreed to come see what happens behind the scenes.  We put it up on YouTube and within a week 50,000 people watch our video! 
We went to NYC again to meet with all the beauty editors from the big beauty magazines like Allure, Marie Claire, Real Simple, and Lucky.  We presented Mirabella Beauty to them for the first time.  It was so exciting, they loved us!

Then that night we invited beauty bloggers to see Mirabella.  Those ladies have all blogged about us!  Even had something nice to say about us! 

All of these things help!  And we keep dreaming up new and different ways of trying to get consumers excited about our brand!

If this is interesting, read the mini book about the Zero Moment of Truth, it is excellent!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Top 10 Books

My Favorite Books (impossible to put them in order and impossible in that they ebb and flow over the years... except #1!)

10) The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman- felt like it gave me a much broader scope at what was really going on in the world
9) Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand- page turner story of an American Hero
8) Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West by Stephen Ambrose- started my on my journey of loving history
7) Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriett Beecher Stowe- the most read book during it's time and Abe Lincoln told her that this book started the Civil War!
6) The "E" Myth by Michael Gerber- this book is so important for entrepreneurs!
5) Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell- really helps you understand success in terms of sticking-to-it.
4) 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey- These are great principles to keep you focused.
3) Good to Great by Jim Collins- it has been a great reminder for me on how to build a great company
2) George Whitefield: The Life and Times of the Great Evangelist of the Eighteenth-Century Revival (Volume 1 & 2) by Arnold A. Dallimore- Amazing man of God!
1) The Holy Bible- Truly my life's guide!

I love to read!

Lou Holtz once said "I can tell you where you will be in 5 years.  It is based upon the books you read, the people you meet, and the places you go!"

Want to be in a better place in 5 years.  Read better books, interact with inspiring people, and go to places that make you better!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Retail to Service- 25%!

During trade show season this year, I had an opportunity to learn from some very successful salon owners.

One of the most surprising learning?  To improve retail in the top 1% of salons from 20% to 25% service to retail ratio, the salon needed to begin selling make up!

Amazing!  I sell make up, and therefore, I am helping the best salons get even better!   I am so proud!

 But seriously, in different parts of the country, I had several salon owners come up to me and tell me that make up was the difference for them!  One of them told me that it was recommended by KRS Consulting.  KRS and Michael Cole work together in the Summit program in conjunction with Redken to help salons dramatically improve their businesses.

Salons make very little from the service portion of their business, generally.  Usually they make a much larger profit on retail.  So they have a lot of incentive to dream up new and interesting ways to provide a shopping environment in their salons.  But for most salons, it has been more and more hair care lines.  That might help.  But it also cannibalizes the sales of over hair care lines.

But taking on color cosmetics is usually non-competitive!  Very few salons already carry make up.

But we think it is simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. have the staff use the make up
  2. have the staff touch clients with make up on every visit, just a quick 60 seconds of pure press, blush and lips
  3. hold 4 seasonal make up events in the salon per year
Do these 3 steps consistently and you salon will be on to the next level of success!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Lisa Hickerson at Ocean City
You cannot run a brand without having to travel!  I was with salon professionals in Ocean City, Denver, El Paso, Grand Rapids.  I was conducting our first beauty editor event in NYC. 

Site of our 1st Editor Event in NYC
All of that travel plus more was in 6 weeks.  After I was done, I was exhausted.  I truly give it up to all those travel warriors who do this sort of travel on a regular basis. 
RDA store people at El Paso event

The hardest thing about travel is staying up on your work at home.  Important things like email need to get done daily.  That causes return calls.  When you are traveling in different time zones that makes it all even more difficult.  Then there are small tasks you need to get done as well, expense reports.

Again, I know that there are road warriors everywhere who do this all the time! 

I give it up to you!!!