Friday, July 29, 2011

Our wonderful make up artists!!!

To our wonderful make up artist educators, thanks for being on our conference call this week!  We love you guys and are thrilled to see your success at helping salons and spas see how they can be successful with color cosmetics.

We want to make sure you all get Rose Gold, so when you have followed both Amber and myself, email us at!

The best to you!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Think of retail as uncooked chicken on the counter!

The top retailers always keep their inventory interesting.  How?
  • Always bringing in something new
  • Keep an area to blow out stuff that doesn't sell
  • Realize that though I may have bought it for $20, it is worth nothing sitting on my shelf!
I like Banana Republic.  They always have something interesting to look at in the stores.  They are constantly moving things around.  In fact, in the last year, I think they have switched the men's side from the left to the right and now back to the left again!

But you are not a big chain of stores.  You are primarily a service provider and frankly don't have time to think that much about retail.

You need to find someone who does have the time.  Retail is detail!  Each product has to be priced professionally, displayed at the edge of your shelf right next to another product, and kept clean. 

Mirabella product Shot
The salon and spa industry is very promotionally driven.  Every line has new items all the time.  Every line has promotions that come out regularly.

You are NOT going to sell every new thing or every new promo.  So you have two choices; you can either decide NOT to buy new items and promotions OR learn how to make them your friend!

I said earlier, if you bought it, the money is spent.  If you sell it, great.  If you don't, you need to quickly (within 90 days) make a decision.  Am I going to blow this out or let it linger?  With the salon cycle as it is, your clients come in every 1-3 months.  So you buy something, and your clients have all had a chance to see it.  If you have a large enough clientele and merchandise your products so they are inviting for the client to touch and feel, it will either sell or it won't. 

Most won't!  But you have to understand that is a part of retailing.  Your clients try things and love them and continue to come back to your salon hoping to repurchase them.  This will be your staple of your retail business, your products that you have sold for a year or for 10 years.

But as a retailer, you have to be constantly looking for the next thing (as are your product manufacturers like Mirabella Beauty!).  Try them.

OK, so what do I do if it doesn't sell.

  • Use new products as gift with purchase for your existing products.  They love buying this particular product.  Give them another product that you brought in that didn't sell.  Tell the client, if you buy $40, you get this for just $5!  Clients will go to great lengths to get a deal.  And for you, it is a chance to have them sample.
  • Have an area that is NOT front and center, that you put all your old product on.  Then... have the courage to sell them CHEAP!  If you bought it for $10 and it retails for $20, mark it down to $10.  Your clients will respond to this.  Mark a product they didn't want to $18 and it won't have an impact.  But put it in half and they will jump on it!  
  • Move it around!  Perhaps you had it at the cash register, move it to another prominent area.  Take your best line, switch it with a line that you are testing!  Your clients are use to going to that location, suddenly they are exposed to something new.  This makes them feel like you are staying fresh, interesting.
One of the best retailers!
Great retailers realize they take dollars to the bank, not percentages.  Increase your sales by taking that which is not selling and creatively market it in a different way.  Your clients LOVE to SHOP!  Be like every other great retailer, reward your clients by offering deals for the new items that don't sell.  Your clients will THANK you for it!

Tell me a story of how you have turned your merchandising around!