Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PR Firms

I have been at Mirabella for 14 months.  It has been quite the journey.  At first we needed to simply ship our orders to our distributors accurately and completely.  Within 90 days the team was on it!  We have had only a couple of backorders at a time since this past summer.  Great!  But that doesn't grow sales, it just maintains sales.

We were losing money, lots of it!  So quickly we found all the things we could reduce or stop while still building a high end prestige color cosmetic brand.  So now a year later, we are profitable!

But the most important thing in any organization is people.  Passionate, hard working, intelligent people who have a desire to grow.  We now have that group of people.  I have promoted a part time educator who has been with us for 3 years to a Regional Manager position (Rodyan Quinonez).  We have promoted a Regional Manager to National Sales Manager (Jennifer Rider).  We promoted our customer service person to Operations Manager (Sarah Terpstra).

To me that is a sign of a healthy organization, promoting from within.  That is not always possible, but thankfully we were able to do it here!

We hired Bryan Biggers as our Social Media Manager.  He has helped us get up and running on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and our ecommerce efforts.

 But when Amber Bowen, our Creative Director, and I were talking about the future of Mirabella, it became obvious that something was missing.  We had a great story.  We had awesome products.  We had exciting launches.  But no one knew us outside of the salon world.  Consumers are walking into salons and are being introduced to the line.  But it would be even better if they walked in and were already familiar with the line.

So that is exactly what we plan to do.  I called out to some of my friends that own or run brands like Karl-Heinz Pitsh at Sexy Hair, Steve Goddard at Pravana, George Shaeffer at OPI, Colin Walsh at Matrix, and many others.  They generously gave me names of firms they knew and respected like Lane PR, Pierce Mattie, Bratskeir & Co., Shop PR, Creative Media Marketing, Siren PR, and others.

Each firm offered something unique.  The owners of some of the firms were amazing, but would you actually ever see them?  They had done some great work with some brands like ours, but was it the brand or the firm?  They had amazing tools to track your success, but does that translate into sales for us?

So today, we have not yet chosen our partner, but we hope to very soon.  What an exciting journey!

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  1. We enjoyed our time with you John and learning more about Mirabella Beauty.